Fair trade.. If you know what I mean?

Image Bit of a rant Coming on! So why is it Many people don’t understand what fair trade stands for? Blimey it almost speaks for itself!. Just got back from the store as we needed fruit to go with our dinner, I couldn’t find certain items so I asked the closest store worker next to me where I could find them, so far so normal.. Well all I got in reply was a blank stare. He had no idea what fair trade meant and asked me to explain for him, even my 6 year old children know what fair trade stands for, never mind what it actually is! Needless to say we asked another  customer and found what we were searching for.. But really! How can this be? My boys are obsessed with buying fair trade produce and understand why it is good to do so and who Benifits from this practice.

I don’t press my feelings on them. Just simply I give them the facts and they decide for themselves on a course of action.they always want to help the planet and do the right thing, because they know the consequence of no action. they are conscious of eating fair trade food where we can and are keen to hunt for the fair trade food in the supermarket. We often talk about how others live in different countries, what they do and how things are different to home, this is nothing but talking.. No pressure is put on them to discuss such topics but they like to learn about the world around them.

Fair trade is about fair prices, better working conditions, local sustainability and fair terms of trade for workers and farmers in the developing world.

If we can talk about these things with such ease, then surely everyone can right? Children are little sponges and love to learn new information and the difference between their lives and other children’s around the world. Maybe if parents and schools talked about these important matters more then we wouldn’t, in this day and age have people at working age who do not know what fair trade is. I feel we need another add campaign!….



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